What is Palayga?
What is Clue?
What is Checkpoint?
How do I create a Palayga?
Can I join a Palayga I created?
Can I invite others to join a Palayga I created?
What happens if I accidentally exit the Palayga app during a Palayga?
Any recommendations for creating a Palayga?
Can I restart or recreate a Palayga that has already been run?
What is a Roadblock?
What is a Detour?
What is a Block?
What is Stealth mode?
What does "Palayga" mean?
How do I find a Palayga near me?
What are some tips to making a great Palayga?
How can I hear about Palayga's near me?
What if I don't know what the clue is or where to go?
What is the target symbol that changes colors?
How can I invite my friends or share information about the Palayga?
What if I say no to a clue and can't find where I am supposed to go?
How does Palayga work?